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UFC's Devin Powell Literally Breaks Balls During Training Sesh

Posted February 14, 2018 under Sports

UFC’s Devin Powell

I Broke My Balls

‘Felt Like a Sack of Worms’

2/14/2018 8:09 AM PST


UFC fighter Devin Powell is one bro who won’t be getting lucky on Valentine’s Day — ’cause he’s in the hospital nursing a surgically-repaired nut.

No, we aren’t making this up … and Devin gave TMZ Sports the cringy play-by-play of the accident.

Devin told us he was training his ground game with UFC vet Joe Lauzon … and it was business as usual until Joe’s knee sandwiched one of his testicles and “exploded it.”

“The top of it felt like a big sack of worms — all the veins had swelled,” Powell said.

The worst part — Powell says he waited A DAY AND A HALF before getting his ruptured ball checked out. 

Lucky for him, it wasn’t too late. Devin says the scrotal surgery was a success … and he’s already asking Dana White to book him on an upcoming UFC card!

Seriously, the balls on this guy …

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