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Tommy Lee's Mile High Club Video Apparently Not Against American Airlines Policy

Posted August 19, 2017 under Hook-Ups

American Airlines

Hey Tommy Lee …

Bathroom Bangin’ is AA-OK!!!

8/19/2017 1:25 PM PDT


Tommy Lee won’t be busted for possibly busting with his girlfriend in an American Airlines bathroom, because what the 2 did inside is nobody’s business but theirs … TMZ has learned.

Our American Airlines sources tell us … there were no complaints filed with the company about Tommy and his gf Brittany Furlan joining the mile high club. We’re told it’s NOT against policy for 2 people to use the same lavatory at the same time … and what they do in there is private.

Our sources say typically, when 2 people use the same bathroom, it’s the elderly or someone who needs medical assistance … but Tommy and Brittany both appeared to be in good health.

The rocker and his gf didn’t create a disturbance on the short flight from Nassau to Miami, so we’re told Tommy’s off the hook — he won’t face a ban.

We reached out to a rep for American Airlines … the company officially has no comment on this matter.

What’s funny, though — even though AA seems to be cool with Tommy and Brittany’s hookup, she’s not happy with them … because she claims the airline lost their luggage.

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