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NY Giants QB Kyle Lauletta Apologizes for Arrest, 'Parents Raised Me Better'

Posted November 6, 2018 under Celebrity Justice

NY Giants QB Kyle Lauletta

Apologizes for Arrest …

‘My Parents Raised Me Better’

11/6/2018 9:43 AM PST

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NY Giants backup QB Kyle Lauletta says he’s sorry for his October arrest — where he allegedly almost ran over a cop — claiming, “My parents raised me better than that.”

Kyle also says he’s gotten support from Eli Manning — who reached out hours after the arrest. 

As we previously reported, Lauletta — who many believe should get a shot to start over Eli Manning — was pulled over on his way to practice last Tuesday after cops say he was driving like a maniac

During the attempted stop, officers say the 23-year-old “attempted to evade [the arresting officer], making an illegal turn and continuing towards Route 495, almost striking the officer.”

He’s facing several charges — it’s a bad look for the guy.

So, Tuesday morning, Lauletta issued a statement … saying, “First things first I want to apologize to the #NYGiants organization, my teammates, the fans and my family.”

“The incident that happened last week is a terrible representation of who I am and what I stand for.”

“Right is right and wrong is wrong. My parents raised me better than that. It’s tough, and I have to take it as a lesson and move forward from it.”

“I have to deal with the consequences, and that’s that.”

He added, “I’m going to do everything I can to be the best teammate I can be, get back to work and try to keep moving forward one day at a time.”

As for Eli, Lauletta says, “Eli Manning is one of the best teammates I’ve ever had. He was there for me and he was supportive … he reached out later that day and it meant the world to me.”

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