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Madonna's Obsessed Fan Willing to Settle for $3 Mil from NYC for Alleged Beatdown

Posted September 8, 2017 under Celebrity Justice

Madonna’s Obsessed Fan

Expects Huge Payday from NYC …

Here’s How He’ll Spend It

9/8/2017 12:20 AM PDT


Madonna‘s obsessed fan is about to go to trial against NYC, but he’s counting on the city folding and handing him millions before it comes to that.

Robert Linhart — who was busted for camping out in front of Madonna’s pad and refusing to leave — is suing the city, claiming NYPD officers roughed him up during the arrest. He originally wanted $5 million, but now says he’ll settle for $3 mil.

It’s coming down to the wire … jury selection’s scheduled to start Monday, but Linhart and his attorney, Peter Gleason, are still confident prosecutors will make an offer. Linhart claims he’ll donate $1 mil of the settlement to hurricane victims.

We’re guessing prosecutors don’t give a crap about his benevolence, but the clock is ticking.

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