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Justin Timberlake Goes 'Lion King' On Random Baby at Golf Tourney

Posted July 17, 2017 under Movies

Justin Timberlake

Goes ‘Lion King’ On Random Baby

… At Golf Tourney

7/17/2017 3:33 PM PDT


Throw Justin Timberlake‘s name in the hat to play Rafiki in the live-action ‘Lion King’ flick — ’cause he executed the Simba lift on a baby to perfection at a golf tourney … and TMZ Sports has the video. 

JT and Steph Curry were in between holes at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Tahoe this weekend — when a new dad (who happens to be a military vet) asked the guys to take a pic with his kid!

Timberlake obliged and held up the baby for all to see … while Steph busted out the “Circle of Life” intro.

Speaking of ‘Lion King,’ Donald Glover is playing Simba in the new movie … how awesome is that?! 

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