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John Wall Milly Rocks At Ludacris' 40th Bday Party

Posted September 11, 2017 under Music

John Wall

All-Star Milly Rockin’

… At Ludacris’ 40th Bday

9/11/2017 12:06 PM PDT

Here’s John Wall once again proving he’s the most well-rounded PG in the NBA … he scores, he defends, he passes … AND HE MILLY ROCKS EFFORTLESSLY.

Wall proved this in Paris celebrating Ludacris‘ 40th bday with huge stars like Jeezy, Ryan Leslie, and Kenny Burns … but the Washington Wizards star still stood out with his dance floor moves.

BTW, there wasn’t just Milly rocking going on, there was some kinda weird jumping in a circle dance as well, that’s probably just for rich guys, of which Wall is definitely one.

Happy birthday, Luda.

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