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'Jersey Shore' Cast Shows Up to Support The Situation for Tax Evasion Sentencing

Posted October 5, 2018 under TV

The Situation

Arrives for Tax Evasion Sentencing …

‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Has My Back!!!

10/5/2018 7:39 AM PDT

It’s D-Day for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino — who just arrived at federal court in Newark, NJ to find out if he’s going to prison for evading his taxes — and he’s got the whole ‘Jersey Shore’ crew with him.

The ‘Jersey Shore’ star is set to be sentenced Friday for tax evasion. As we reported, Sitch pled guilty way back in January. He could be looking at a max of 5 years in prison, but even prosecutors have been pushing for the judge to go easy on him.

Pauly D, Ronnie, JWoww, Vinnie, Snooki and Deena were all at the courthouse bright and early to show some love to their friend.  

Since entering his plea, Mike got the court’s approval to travel to Florida and Nevada to shoot the ‘Jersey Shore’ reunion.

Mike’s sentencing was originally scheduled for April 25, but his lawyer was able to buy him more time while resubmitting docs as part of his plea deal.

His sentence should be handed down shortly. Stay tuned …

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