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Floyd Mayweather Gives TMZ Photog Tour Of New $2 Million Fleet!

Posted February 23, 2018 under Sports


Floyd Mayweather rolled out $2 MILLION in cars, jewelry and cash to dominate the Rodeo Drive shopping scene in Bev Hills … and gave TMZ Sports a private tour of his new toys. 

First off, our guy tried like hell to press Floyd on the possible Conor McGregor rematch — but the dude bobbed and weaved like … well, like he’s Floyd Mayweather. 

Instead, Floyd bragged about his upcoming 41st birthday celebration — and showed us the new $600,000 Rolls-Royce and $1.3 MILLION Bugatti he’s using to drive him around L.A. 

Oh, he also bought a new $100,000 Rolex and showed off about $100,000 (maybe more?) in cash he had on him the entire time. 

The video is an embarrassment of riches — so, naturally, we had to ask what’s next for the boxer? 

What he says actually makes a lot of sense … 

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