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Floyd Mayweather Drops Gay Slur on Conor McGregor, 'You F****t!'

Posted July 14, 2017 under Celebrity Feuds

Floyd to Conor

I’ve Got Slurs Too …

‘You F****t!’

7/14/2017 1:27 PM PDT

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Floyd Mayweather¬†crossed the line — much like Conor McGregor¬†did — by calling him a “fa***t” during their London news conference.

The fighters were in the middle of wrapping up their world tour to promote their upcoming boxing match, and when Floyd grabbed the mic he started ripping into Conor … calling him a string of names, including the homophobic slur.

Conor didn’t react, but the crowd certainly did … and it wasn’t good.

Remember, a few days ago … Conor told Floyd … “Dance for me, boy!” He was, rightfully, taken to task for spewing a racist term to an African-American man.

Looks like it’s Floyd’s turn to feel the heat.

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