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Farrah Abraham's 'Girls and Corpses' Bikini and Heels Up for Auction

Posted September 7, 2017 under TV

Farrah Abraham

‘Girls and Corpses’ Bikini on eBay

… Dead Serious

9/7/2017 12:30 AM PDT


Farrah Abraham‘s slightly used red gingham bikini and heels worn for the cover of “Girls and Corpses” can now be yours — if you’re into those things. Bikinis … not corpses. Sicko.

The “Teen Mom” star did the photo shoot for the horror and comedy magazine’s winter 2013 issue, and owner Robert Rhine is trying to make some cash off her wardrobe. He’s listed the bikini and heels separately on eBay … and says he expects to fetch thousands. 

You can bid on Farrah’s morbidly hot outfit until Sunday. If you’re interested … the top’s medium, the bottom’s extra small, and shoes … size 9. And we know where your mind is right now.

According to the eBay post, all items were “only used for photo shoot and immediately put into a plastic bag.”

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